The ZeuKnLu Story

How It All Started
Welcome to ZeuKnLu Hats, LLC!  We are a veteran owned company that makes sun protection hats for any season.  We are proud to say that ZeuKnLu Hats are handmade in the USA!  So what the heck does ZeuKnLu mean?   ZeuKnLu is named after our dogs, Zeus and Keebo, along with our daughter Lucia.  The picture in our logo is of the late and great Zeus.  All three have been my inspiration to create my own style of sun hats that provide sun protection for any season.  I love being outside.  Two of the things I love most about being outside is spending time with my family and walking our dog.  Unfortunately, I didn’t protect myself enough from the sun during my younger years and I was diagnosed with skin cancer on my face.  I now wear a sun hat during the warmer months to protect my head and face from the sun.  Even though we live in Wisconsin, I never really thought much about sun protection during the winter.  One day during the winter, I was walking Keebo and I realized the sun was beating down on my face.  My face was not protected at all, especially my nose.  I wondered out loud to my wife if there was a cold weather type of sun hat that I could wear that would protect me from the sun and still provide warmth.  My wife said she didn’t know and told me to make my own.  So I did.
The Mission
My goal was to create a functional sun protection hat that could be worn all year long in almost any weather.  The ZeuKnLu Hat is versatile.  It can be worn during the warmer months by just wearing the sun hat.   When the weather turns colder, wear the sun hat and removable fleece liner together and you now have a sun protection hat that also provides warmth during the colder months.  It is two hats in one!
Giving Back
It isn’t just about selling hats for us though.  We appreciate life and the joys it has given us such as our daughter and our dogs.  And we know life is short, so we appreciate what we have.  For every ZeuKnLu Hat we sell we give you the opportunity to select which charity we will donate to – the American Cancer Society or the Wisconsin Humane Society.  It is our way of giving back and hopefully making a difference.  By purchasing a ZeuKnLu Hat, you are contributing to our efforts to help free the world of cancer and to help protect our nation’s furry friends!  See our Giving Back page for more information.
Thank you for visiting our website.  We hope you enjoy the ZeuKnLu Hat as much as we enjoyed our journey with creating it.
Picture of our dog Zeus
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