How do I know your website is secure?

ZeuKnLu Hats, LLC takes website security seriously.  At the top of our web page where our URL is listed, you should see a picture of a padlock and then "Secure | https://zeuknlu.com".  We also added an extra level of security by incorporating the McAfee Secure app to our website.  Look for the McAfee Trusted Site Certified Secure trust mark at the bottom right-hand corner of our website to know our website has been scanned and is secure.


Can I return my ZeuKnLu Hat for a refund?

Yes, if you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, you can return your ZeuKnLu Hat within 30 days of your purchase for a full refund.  Just email us at zeuknlu@gmail.com and we will help you with the return process.  Also, please keep the package your ZeuKnLu Hat came in to make the refund process go smoothly.


If I am not happy with the color of my ZeuKnLu Hat can I exchange my ZeuKnLu Hat for a different one?

Yes, if you are not happy with the color of your ZeuKnlu Hat, just email us at zeuknlu@gmail.com, and we will be happy to exchange your ZeuKnLu Hat at no cost to you.  Please keep the package your ZeuKnLu Hat came in to make the exchange process go smoothly.


What is the best way to contact ZeuKnLu Hats, LLC if I have any questions, concerns, or want to return/exchange my ZeuKnLu Hat?

The best way to contact ZeuKnLu Hats, LLC is by emailing us at zeuknlu@gmail.com.  We typically respond within 24 hours.


What material are ZeuKnLu Hats made of?

The lightweight outer shell ZeuKnLu Hats are made of a lightweight UPF 50+ woven nylon water repellent fabric.  The removable stretch fleece liner is made of a wicking polyester with Lycra fabric material. 


What does "one size fits most" really mean?

"One size fits most" means our ZeuKnLu Hats will fit most head sizes ranging from: Small (21 1/4 inches - 54 centimeters - 6 3/4 fitted) through Large (23 1/2 inches - 59.7 centimeters - 7 1/2 fitted).  Remember, if it doesn't fit right, you can always return it within 30 days of purchase for a full refund.


Do you have children's sizes?

At this time, we do not have children's sizes, but we are currently working on a children's hat line.


Why do you donate a portion of your sales to the American Cancer Society and the Wisconsin Humane Society?

We donate to the American Cancer Society because I (owner) have skin cancer and the reason I started this company was to create a sun hat that could protect my face all year long.  We donate to the Wisconsin Humane Society because I got the idea while I was walking our dog, and we have adopted both of our dogs from the Wisconsin Humane Society.  Finally, I wanted to help make a difference no matter how small.


How do I know ZeuKnLu Hats, LLC will actually donate to the American Cancer Society and the Wisconsin Humane Society?

ZeuKnLu Hats, LLC uses the app Give and Grow on our website to make donations.  There is an impact calculator embedded on our website that shows, in real-time, how much is donated.  The Give and Grow app charges our account the sum of the donations automatically each month, which is then processed by their 501c3 foundation and distributed to the nonprofits.


What is ZeuKnLu Hats, LLC?

We are a veteran owned company that makes sun protection hats for any season.  Our manufacturer and suppliers are all in the USA.


How do you pronounce ZeuKnLu?

ZeuKnLu is pronounced zook-n-lu.


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